Ultrasound Anilox Cleaning Machine

The QUICKER cleaning solutions for Flexo respond to the growing needs of the packaging printing industry in terms of increasing process efficiency and printing quality

Advantages of the QUICKER ultrasonic cleaner:
  • Short and gentle cleaning process leaves the rolls perfectly clean and ready for use in 25 minutes without causing any wear or tear to the roll.

  • Investment costs are relatively low, and the washing machines can be easily adapted to suit the individual needs of the printing company.

  • The process is fully automated and gentle.

  • Ultrasonic Anilox roll cleaner is safe and won't damage Anilox.

  • Installation and setup are quick and easy.

For more information and technical details, please download the brochure from HERE.

a close up of a blue sign with a white arrowa close up of a blue sign with a white arrow
Ultrasonic anilox roll cleaning machine - how it works?