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Plasma Technology - Ceramic Coating

The Metallisation PS50 is the ideal tool for the application of Chrome Oxide
(ceramic) coatings for Anilox rollers and sleeves.
Chrome oxide coatings applied with the Metallisation PS50 are very dense,
homogenous and reproducible. Combined with high purity chrome oxide
powders we can ensure high quality, low porosity (<2%) coatings to ensure
efficient engraving and long term wear resistance.

In our workshops we can manufacture any type of Anilox rollers up to 4100mm overall length using high precision turning and grinding machinery.

All of our rollers are manufactured to the highest quality and in line with OEM specifications and tolerances.

Anilox rollers can be manufactured in lightweight construction using balanced tube material. All of our rollers are balanced and stress relieved in accordance to the size and customer requirements.

We can manufacture using Steel, Stainless steel, and Aluminium along with other composite materials as requested.

The construction of the Anilox body is vital for long term use and future refurbishment. The construction methods we use guarantee a long life for the Anilox roller.

Manufacturing - Rollers

Refurbishment Service

ALT offers a full refurbishment service for any Anilox rollers and sleeves. All rollers and sleeves received are given a full inspection to determine the scope of refurbishment required. Our fully comprehensive service includes journal/shaft repairs or replacement, impact damage repairs and stainless steel build, and weld repairs as required.

We ensure all rollers or sleeves refurbished are as good as new when returned to our customers.

Our Technical Sales team are trained to offer the best advice for all repairs to give the maximum life back into your rollers.

Nano Technology

The NANO Cell Technology is an elongated cell, the cell structure is significantly longer than any other type of cell geometry available in the market.

Key factors of the NANO Cell Technology are that we are still using a closed cell structure and therefore can control the volume very accurately and consistently with repeatable results and we can maintain maximum release due to the unique structure of the cell.

The product was developed to offer a number of additional key benefits:

The NANO can be utilised in all areas of print - coating, varnish, spot whites, spot colours, Vignette specs, process printing, priming and Offset coating. This range means we are able to help printers in some cases reduce the inventory of anilox rolls and therefore in many cases offer the printer fewer specifications.

Maximum cell volume release -the NANO cell geometry allows the cell to release the maximum volume as we are able to keep the balance of the relationship between the cell depth and opening this then allows the option to go higher on the screen count and still maintain the required level of lay down of ink.

The structure of the cell will ensure maximum movement and evacuation.

Nano Anilox technology incorporates a cell geometry that allows maximum cell volume release while keeping the cell opening to depth ratio at a minimum.

This means that a high line count can be achieved and still deliver a high volume transfer. This unique and exclusive system has been developed with the printer in mind by Anilox Laser Technology Ltd.